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Friday, October 25, 2019

Ted Mundorff Steps Down as Head of Landmark Theaters

Ted Mundorff has stepped down as head of arthouse theater chain Landmark Theaters, sources have confirmed to TheWrap.

Landmark Theaters, which has 252 screens in 27 cities, is a crucial presence in the specialty film industry. Its Los Angeles location serves as an initial release spot for many potential Oscar contenders seeking a platform release. Landmark has also agreed to screen films from Netflix — including Best Picture nominee “Roma” — at a time when major theatrical chains worldwide are refusing to screen the films in a limited exclusive theatrical window.

In addition to Landmark Los Angeles, other key locations owned by the chain include The Landmark at 57 West in New York, which has held many awards screenings for Oscar contenders, as well as the historical Nuart Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Now the chain is at a crossroads as Mundorff steps down after nearly 20 years at the company. His departure comes after the chain was acquired by Cohen Media Group in December 2018. At the time of the sale, both Cohen and Mundorff had voiced their optimism that they would continue to work together, as Cohen kept the longtime CEO and his senior management team.

Cohen Media Group could not be immediately reached for comment.



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