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Registered California Process Servers

Private Detective Services employs expert process servers who are familiar with local, state and national laws that will ensure that your papers are served quickly and legally within the time constraints that will allow you to go forward with the legal action that you are trying to pursue.

We utilize only registered and bonded professional process servers. This allows us to complete your assignment professionally and right the first time. We use only the most reputable process servers in the industry that have the knowledge, experience and training to handle any assignment.
By using a legal process service or server with Private Detective Services, the judicial system can make a faster decision because they have all of the information they need right at hand.

We offer process service for most types of documents, including:

Small Claims
Summons and Complaint
Cross Complaints
Orders to Appear for Examination
Family Law
Restraining Orders
Unlawful Detainers
Foreclosure and Eviction Notices
Writ, Wage Garnishment, Bank Levy
Personal/Record Subpoenas

At Private Detective Services, we coordinate our services to your exact requirements, and can serve multiple locations simultaneously.
Our turn-around times include:

3 to 7 business days for regular service

1 to 3 days for rush or same day service

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