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Court Research and Retrieval

California Court Record Research & Retrieval

We can provide you with availability to nationwide on site research of County, State and Federal Civil and Criminal records. Requests can be completed in 3 to 5 business days. You will need to advise us if you would like the records certified or non-certified.

Our courts records research includes:

Civil Court Records: A search, by county or district, at the Municipal, Superior or Federal court levels for lawsuits filed by or against the applicant (plaintiff or defendant). These lawsuits can sometimes reveal information regarding the applicant’s past activities and business ethics, wrongful discharge suits against former employers, breach of contracts, etc.
In this day and age of wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment litigation, this search is recommended to uncover a history of fraudulent lawsuits. Please provide the applicant’s full name, any aliases utilized, and areas where the applicant resided, worked, or attended school as an adult.

Criminal Court Records: Felony and misdemeanor records search for convictions by county. We search by county for misdemeanor (Municipal Court) and felony (Superior Court) convictions and, when required, a reading of the original court documents to verify identification of the subject and determine the disposition of the case.

Misdemeanor cases are heard in Municipal Court, and felony cases are heard in Superior Court. However, most preliminary hearings for felonies are first heard in Municipal Court. If there is sufficient evidence to support the felony charge, the case is then sent to Superior Court for trial. We recommend a review of both the Municipal and Superior Court because a failure to appear for a preliminary hearing on a felony or a misdemeanor charge would not be detected if only Superior Court records were searched.

Misdemeanor crimes include, among other things, petty theft, assault and battery, and certain drug-related offenses. Felony charges include grand theft, sale and transportation of drugs, embezzlement, and armed robbery, among other more serious crimes.

Two unfortunate realities for today’s employers are workplace violence and negligent hiring litigation. By investigating an applicant’s criminal background, companies can avoid workplace violence, and can also prove to a court of law that they have exercised their due diligence in the hiring process.

With fast, easy access to this valuable information, our clients can reduce the risk of negligent hiring suits, and reduce the risk of losses caused by employee theft. Employers can be held liable for any damages if an employee poses a threat to the public. Unfortunately, this can hold true even when the employee’s transgression occurs outside of the scope of employment.

Information regarding the applicant’s full name, aliases utilized, date of birth, and residential/business addresses are required to develop accurate records.

Federal Courts can also be searched for criminal violations of Federal Laws. Embezzlement is often found in these courts.

Most court research can be completed within 3 to 5 business days. Not all courts maintain records past 10 years; however, we can obtain a ‘Certificate of No Records’ from the Clerk of the Court if the court has ordered older records to be destroyed.


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