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Nanny Background Checks

If you’re considering hiring a nanny to care for your children or an elderly relative, be sure to perform a background check on any candidate. Even if you’ve checked all her references and found nothing but glowing reports. Now it’s time to make sure she is who she says she is and she’s not hiding any criminal record or unreliable financial past that may indicate irresponsible behavior. If you are not going through an agency, these background checks are up to you to perform.

Private Detective Services, a private investigation firm, offers thorough nanny background check services. We research everything from the candidate’s criminal history to her driving records to her visa and immigration status to a verification of her Social Security number. During our background check process, we even check the credit history of the potential nanny, because we believe that credit reports can tell you a lot about the maturity and values of an individual. If you get a report back that shows defaulted loans and car repossessions, it raises the question of whether the nanny is mature and honest enough to handle the everyday care of your children.

The care of your children is an important decision, so it’s imperative that you be armed with all the facts about your nanny, including a full disclosure of her background. At Private Detective Services, we utilize advanced techniques and methodical research to give you the background knowledge you need to make this significant decision about your nanny. Due to our nationwide network of affiliates we can perform a background check throughout the entire United States and even internationally.

Potential nannies ought to perform background checks on the families for whom they are considering working. Cases do exist where nannies have discovered their employers were not who they claimed to be. Whether you are the nanny or the employer, a background check simply makes sense. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to safeguard your future, and that of your children.

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