I needed to have someone served in New Zealand

Aug 02, 2017 by Andrew

People who don’t deal with international law don’t know what kind of a headache it can be getting subpoenas served in foreign countries. I needed to have someone served in New Zealand, and, while no earthly force could make that happen quickly, private detective services now's team stayed on top of the case for us every step of the way. If any process service firm can expedite service in a non-Hague Convention country, it’d be privatedetectiveservicesnow.com.

can-do attitude

Aug 02, 2017 by Kevin

I called in Private detective services now’s team when our usual process server was unable to serve a highly elusive individual. They knew exactly how to handle people like that, and had the papers served by the next day. It isn’t every day that you find a can-do attitude like the one you get from privatedetectiveservicesnow.

Not only did they say they could get the papers served…they did

Aug 01, 2017 by Kyle

We had a super-rush process service job we needed done, and the people we usually use said they couldn’t do it. My assistant and I called around (we were almost desperate), and finally came upon privatedetectiveservicesnow.com. Not only did they say they could get the papers served…they did. We could have been in some serious hot water; privatedetectiveservicesnow.com saved our necks.

They got it domesticated and got it served

Aug 01, 2017 by Earl

Someone at our firm dropped the ball on an important subpoena that needed to be served in Arizona. Private detective services now’s people generally handle our local process service jobs, so we asked them if they could take the Arizona one. They got it domesticated and got it served. They actually made the out-of-state job easier for us than many in-state ones. I can’t imagine a more complete service of process firm than privatedetectiveservicesnow.com.

Thank you Jeffrey

Aug 22, 2015 by Charlie C.

I was looking for my father, he had left me and my mother behind twenty years ago, and with nothing but a name and some basic dated information they found him for me. I finally got to meet him, face to face, a man without having him. I just had to find him..but I felt resolved, and a weight lifted, and it was thanks to Jeffrey of privatedetectiveservicesnow.com.

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