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When determining if you should let things get serious, remember: actions speak louder than words. With that being said, here are ten dating red flags. If you see any of these, do yourself a favor and reconsider if it’s worth it for you.

Workers’ Compensation:

Workers Compensation Was Not Meant To Be A Retirement Fund

Wikipedia: Workers’ compensation

Division of Workers’ Compensation

California employers may see 5% rise in workers’ comp insurance

Focus shifts to employers in workers’ comp audits


Ten Dating Red Flags

Top 10 reasons Why Women Cheat

Dating 101: How to Tell if a Guy Is Cheating

Top 10: Signs She’s Cheating On You

How To Tell He/She Is Cheating

You think he’s cheating on you…and you don’t know what to do

10 Signs Of An Affair

Many cheat for a thrill, more stay true for love

Major Effects of Extra-Marital Affairs

Employee Theft:

Employee theft is rising due to tough economy

Employee Theft Still Costing Business

Take steps, and quick ones, to stop employee theft

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Police Department stripped of database access over chief’s PI license

Your Company Is Watching You

ID theft’s most common victims

Methods for Phone GPS Tracking and Mobile Location raise the question: Do you really know where they are?

Detective work has changed in the age of gadgets

GPS Tracking App Helps Reunites Stolen iPhone with its Owner

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Private Investigator Hired by JP Morgan to Compile Evidence Against Church; Photographed All License Plates

Trends in Computer Forensics

Global Fraud Trends: How to Avoid the Scams